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Research Opportunities

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Idaho NASA EPSCoR funds Research Initiation Grants to provide opportunities for new researchers to gain experience and/or for established researchers to take a dramatic step in a new research direction.

Not Currently Taking Applications

The goal of the Idaho NASA EPSCoR Collaboration Grant program is to support new collaborations for researchers (faculty and/or students) to increase Idaho's research capabilities. Often, these types of grants are used to fund travel to research centers (e.g., a NASA Center, a National Lab, or a potential industry partner).

The Idaho NASA EPSCoR is offering summer Faculty Fellowships to faculty to provide a few weeks of time during the summer to analyze and understand NASA’s needs and how their research and/or expertise might meet those needs. During this summer fellowship, faculty researchers are given both time and resources to analyze where their existing research and expertise can benefit NASA. They will be introduced to resources such as NSPIRES, the 2020 NASA Technology Taxonomy, the NASA Human Research Roadmap, and TechPort, as well as meet with the Idaho NASA EPSCoR team to better understand processes. 

Not Currently Taking Applications

This opportunity is intended to provide limited funding (~100K) to researchers for projects that last a year or less and that are specifically targeted to NASA’s needs. The technical part of the proposal is limited to 2-3 pages per topic. 

Not Currently Taking Applications

NOI deadline: July 15, 2024

Pre-proposal deadline: August 16, 2024

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