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Idaho NASA EPSCoR Goals, Priorities and Strategies

Idaho NASA EPSCoR is dedicated to increasing Idaho’s competitive research capabilities in areas aligned with NASA’s missions and activities. Idaho NASA EPSCoR is guided by the following Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals, Objectives, and Priorities that align with NASA’s priorities while serving the unique needs of Idaho.

VisionA nationally-competitive aerospace research capability in Idaho.

MissionTo provide opportunities, foster collaboration, stimulate research, and develop innovation in Idaho.

Idaho NASA EPSCoR Strategic Goals

Idaho NASA EPSCoR’s Strategic Goals help focus its programs on activities that align with NASA’s Mission Directorates, NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement, and the NASA EPSCoR program.

Goal 1

Promote the development of research expertise and infrastructure that will allow Idaho researchers to compete nationally in areas of strategic interest to NASA and help to retain qualified early career scientists and engineers in Idaho.

Goal 2

Develop partnerships with NASA and industry that enable Idaho’s researchers and students to contribute to NASA’s missions through innovative research opportunities.

Goal 3

Support research in areas with the potential to enhance economic development in Idaho

Idaho NASA EPSCoR Objectives

Objective 1

Ensure Idaho NASA EPSCoR research awards have a strong tie to NASA’s needs and interests.

Objective 2

Increase the overall number of collaborations with NASA and industry to help improve the chances of obtaining non-EPSCoR research funding.

Objective 3

Develop paths for future NASA funding for Idaho researchers.

Idaho NASA EPSCoR Priorities

Priority 1

Support activities that lead to future nationally competitive research capabilities.

Priority 2

Develop relationships with NASA and the aerospace industry that benefit Idaho’s researchers.

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