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Welcome to the Idaho NASA EPSCoR website!

Check out our highlighted opportunities below.

2024 NASA EPSCoR Rapid Response Research Proposals 

This opportunity is intended to provide limited funding (~100K) to researchers for projects that last a year or less and that are specifically targeted to NASA’s needs. The technical part of the proposal is limited to 2-3 pages per topic. Idaho NASA EPSCoR must submit any proposals on behalf of Idaho researchers, and only a limited amount of proposals will be accepted from Idaho.

​Maximum award amount: $100,000

Award duration: Up to 1 year

Who can apply? Researchers from Idaho's colleges and universities can submit NOIs to be considered for full proposal development. Jurisdictions may submit up to a total of six proposals. Therefore, proposers must submit a notice of intent.


Submit your mandatory NOI to Idaho NASA EPSCoR here.

Have an experience you would like to share with us? Tell us your EPSCoR story! Click the graphic above to submit your EPSCoR experience. 

Want to share a photo of your project with the EPSCoR team? Click the graphic above to submit a picture of your research. 

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