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Maximum award amount: $725,000

Award duration: Up to 3 years

Matching requirement: 50%

Pre-proposal submission deadline: August 19, 2022

2023 NASA EPSCoR Rapid Response Research Proposals 

National NASA EPSCoR Pre-Proposals

This opportunity is intended to provide limited funding (~100K) to researchers for projects that last a year or less and that are specifically targeted to NASA’s needs. The technical part of the proposal is limited to 2-3 pages per topic. 


​Maximum award amount: $100,000

Award duration: Up to 1 year

Who can apply? Researchers from Idaho's colleges and universities can submit NOIs to be considered for full proposal development. Jurisdictions may submit up to a total of six proposals. Therefore, proposers must submit a notice of intent.

Proposals due to INE: TBD

Proposals due to NASA: TBD

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